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Last updated: Fri 03, 2017

Working with young people

Victim Support's Interactive Courtroom to support young people affected by crime

Victim Support's interactive courtroom illustrates what a Crown court and a Magistrate court looks like. The site is designed to help children and young people understand the criminal justice process. To access the courtroom please follow this link:

Working with young people with learning disabilities

Practice guidance to support professionals to meet the needs of young people with learning disabilities who are affected by, or at risk of, CSE. 

The guidance is based on a UK wide exploratory research study addressing the needs of children and young people with learning disabilities who were affected by, or at risk of, CSE. 

Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice is an interactive tool to support young people through the justice process. It allows young people to see where decisions are made and who makes them, as well as providing information on their rights and how to keep safe during the process. It also helps young people understand why they might leave the criminal justice system, and what support is available to them if they do

New CSE Definition and Guide

New CSE Definition and Guidance

The Department for Education (DfE) has published a new definition of child sexual exploitation and a guide for practitioners, local leaders and decision makers working to protect children from child sexual exploitation. 

Child sexual exploitation Definition & Guide for Professionals: Extended text

The DfE document is adapted from an extended advice for practice document written by the University of Bedfordshire and Research in Practice, under commission from the Department for Education. The full text of our extended version, whose length allows for exploration of some of the more nuanced challenges of responding to CSE.

Some of the more complex issues explored within the University of Bedfordshire and Research in Practice extended document include:

•   Interpreting the definition in practice (see pages 7-10 of our text)

•  Moving beyond a focus on vulnerability to consider the inter-connected conditions for abuse (pages 11-13)

•  The importance of context and the need to understand ‘constrained choice’ (pages 17-18)

• The challenges of current risk assessment processes (pages 26-27)

• Principles for working with children and young people affected by CSE (pages 30-34).

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